Home & Office Tinting

Window Tinting

Peel Tinting and Windscreens offer a variety of Solar Control Window Films to protect your home or office.

Our films provide an energy efficient way to cool your home or office by blocking up to 99% of the sun's harmful rays. Protect your furniture, fittings and floors from fading and reduce up to 95% of unwanted glare from your television or computer with an affordable and effective product.

Solar window film keeps your home or office private, you can also improve the external appearance of your home or office as solar film hides unsightly clutter from outside eyes. Fitting your home or office with solar window film is a great way to keep your rooms temperature consistent, reducing temperature variations caused by sunny and shaded areas

Why you should window tint your home or office

  • Rejects up to 85% solar energy
  • Increases air conditioner efficiency thereby reducing power consumption
  • Increases safety and security by improving the shatter-resistance of your windows
  • Protects flooring and furniture from fading and cracking
  • Has a durable scratch resistant coating
  • Is guaranteed against colour change and turning purple
  • Enhances the overall appearance of your building